The activities in our Institutions :

 In the institution for children and yeshiva, "Tiferet Shlomo" there are 5 frameworks; in them are over 180 children and remaining graduates, who are being educated on the basis of Torah and fear of Heaven, good character traits and behavior and whose needs are all being taken care of.

 * Framework for children in the age group 6-12; children who never had any Torah background and need special education and a warm home. These children come from broken homes and poor families blessed with many children. There are 40 such children in 3 classes, due to them needing special personal guidance.

 * Framework for children in the age group 13 - 17; youth who were never accepted by any other institution, due to their serious learning disabilities, and each pupil also having many other problems given that they come from poor and distressed families. In this framework there are 90 pupils in 3 classes, and a great amount of energy and genuine self – sacrifice has to be invested in them in order to rescue them.

 * Framework for graduate students in the age group of 17 to 20; they are being geared towards a life of Torah and good deeds, to be able afterwards to be responsible and independent individuals. In this framework there are 50 students.

  * Framework of the advanced Judaic studies program for young men; the graduates of the institution of "Tiferet Shlomo" learn in a private school sacred professions such as to be rabbis, meat slaughterers, circumcisers, Torah scribes, cantors and teachers. Most of the young men who learn in the school also personally take an interest in pupils in the institution, on a one-to-one basis and tutor them and study with them on an hour-a-day basis in order to help them to advance.

* Sunrise advanced Judaic studies program for married men; every morning at dawn, before sun rise, a quorum is formed to pray the morning prayers in the synagogue of the institution of "Tiferet Shlomo", and the quorum is called "vatikim". It comprises poor and modest Torah scholars, heads of families blessed with children, who receive monthly support and it is a great mitzva to try to help them provide for their families. It is such a great, exceptional mitzva, maintaining this sunrise advanced Judaic studies program with its precious young men who get up so early, even while it is still night, to engage in the Holy Torah, and thereafter pray with devotion and joy at the beginning of sunrise.

A. All the students learn in an organized structure most of the day, are fed hot and nourishing meals and are provided with all their physical and spiritual needs. Most of the students in the institution sleep in lovely spacious bedrooms with comfortable facilities.

B. The institution "Tiferet Shlomo" has been established based on sacred purification concepts by Rabbi Yitzchak Baruch Betzaleli - Elishaiuf of blessed memory and we do not accept any government or city assistance in accordance with the ideology of the institution, so that children in Israel can receive holy and pure instruction without any government interference, enabling them to remain steadfast in their faith to the Torah of Israel, the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

C. The institution "Tiferet Shlomo" is an institution to rescue Jewish children. If we do not absorb these precious Jewish souls they will deteriorate from their present spiritual and physical status and perhaps they will even end up in government institutions and there the education is such that not only are they not directed in a direction of Torah and mitzvoth but through them, these children can sink to such an extent, even to the level of crime.

D. We receive every Jewish child in our institution and it makes no difference what his ethnic group or origin is.

E. We accept every child in need of a warm and loving environment and there are even pupils in the institution who are orphans.

F. Those who have graduated from "Tiferet Shlomo" receive help from the institution for clothing and education etc. and they are given help to lead independent lives until they eventually get married and set up fine Jewish homes in Israel based on the tenets of the Torah and Jewish faith.

With much honor and blessing,

Be strong and be strengthened! United with Israel!

Tiferet Shlomo Boys′ Home