TIFERET SHLOMO is a warm home for neglected, orphaned and homeless children in Israel. These children come from the four corners of the world, many from the middle Eastern of the world.

The call of the streets tempts them, and they are in danger of falling into a life of juvenile delinquency and crime. WHO WILL SAVE THESE CHILDREN?

TIFERET SHLOMO was established for the purpose of saving these youths. It takes them in and gives them shelter, along with the basic and vocational education they need to provide them 
with a brighter and happier future.

In the years since its founding, many orphans and homeless children have found a compassionate home at TIFERET SHLOMO. Here they are provided with a Torah education as well as a secular education so that they can face their lives with confidence and security.

The previous facility was no longer capable of accommodating all those who knocked on its doors, and unfortunately, many children who desperately needed help had to be turned away.

Because of thus serious problem, it was necessary to undertake the construction of a new building. Today TIFERET SHLOMO is a home for children from all parts of the country.  Here they are able to forget their unfortunate past and begin a new life.

We at TIFERET SHLOMO earnestly hope that those who feel concerned with the fate of Jewish children will come forward and take part in this vital task.

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We trust that you will join us, so that we can save these children and make them Israel’s pride and joy.


“One who saves a single Jewish life is as if he has saved an entire world” (our sages).

Fellowship Number In Israel : 580097095